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Website builds and redesigns typically rotate every 3 to 5 years, marketing & IT departments are usually so fed up with the process they hold off until its too late before starting from scratch.

To keep your website up-to-date with current design trends you really only have to do a complete review of your site every year, if your in a competitive market a website review should be conducted every week.

This will not only keep the cost of a full website redesign down, but will also allow you to carry out A / B Testing during the process and keep up-to-date with new web standards the work is typically done in small incremental steps rather than a big block of work with the production of visual artwork for the redesign.

By changing your site incrementally you can see what changes make the difference very quickly, rather than charging ahead with a completely untested rebuild. You can also make use of page comparison techniques to see what makes the biggest difference to your website conversion rates.

Website Redesign Example


23% more sales conversions
Avg 5 seconds more page dwell time
Improved checkout speeds


Fewer page drop offs
Increased engagement
Improved customer satisfaction



Evolutionary Website Re-Design
Continuous Website Development
Starting From £450

Avoid the risks of a complete site redesign and the catastrophic ranking consequences of SEO re-indexing as Google reevaluates your new site.


Learn what individual changes actually make a difference over time rather that trying to analyze all the layout or development changes at once.

As with adding fresh and new content to your website you will see that your site can lead the rest of your competitors.

Website Design Reskins

Re Skinning a website usually refers to a change of design and style rather than changing the underlying code and functionality of a website, skins are ofter simple to implement and modify quickly, regardless of the underlying platform or software.

Re Skinning a website is a great risk mitigation strategy to allow you to keep all your current URL's and structure while testing proposed layout or design changes on-the-fly.

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