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We provide a full range of managed website hosting services from small homepages, to professional distributed web hosting for more demanding sites or IOT data processing applications.

All hosting accounts include access to our fast and reliable email system.

We work with several hosting providers and can provide expert advice and training on the Google Cloud Platform and Google-grade security.

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High Speed Web Hosting

  • Full cgi-bin supporting Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby
  • MySQL with phpMyAdmin DB manager
  • HTaccess files and mod_rewrite support
  • SSI (server side includes)
  • Web control panel
  • Server log & analytic stats
  • IOT & high speed data routing
  • Google Cloud Configuration & Support
  • AWS Specialists


Email services

All of our paid accounts have access to our comprehensive email services, including:

  • POP3 or IMAP access
  • Spam filtering and virus blocking
  • Unlimited email forwarding
  • Auto-responders
  • SMTP for outgoing mail

Accounts start with 400 MBytes of space and up to 10 mailboxes, users can set the size of each mailbox (up to a maximum of 400 MBytes).

Website security & Viruses / Malware

We regularly scan all our sites for malware based on standard signatures and our own custom signatures.

Our datacenter backup sites every three days and keep around 3-4 weeks worth of backups to allow us to restore sites in case of infection.

We store off site snapshots for the life of your hosting contract with us. We also analyse in bulk our webserver logs to detect brute force and SQL injection attacks which we then block using our firewalls.

Top Level Data Security & Integrity

Our websites and application security process and are compliant with the highest ISO & international standards.

Provide your customers with SSL certified, GDPR compliant website that updates automatically without rebuilds.

Fast Performance & Load Times

Website and App speeds are critical for interaction and conversion

Get smart server caching, the best Javascript execution time and global CDN coverage, so you always load fast, everywhere.

Reliable Hosting

Enjoy enterprise-grade reliability, uptime and integrity

Your site is always up and running with redundancy. Once you’ve published, hosting is set up and optimised automatically.

Quick Website & Page Edits

Keep your information up-to-date in real time

Make edits fast, there’s no backend or coding required, so what could take days, only takes a few minutes.

Automatic Updates

Everything works together seamlessly and updates automatically

Integrate any functionality you need, whether it’s a third-party app or a custom API integration.

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