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Website security & Viruses / Malware

We regularly scan all our sites for malware based on standard signatures and our own custom signatures.

Our data center backs up sites every three hours, and we keep around 14 days of backups to allow us to restore sites in case of infection.

We store off-site server snapshots for the life of your hosting contract with us. We also analyse in bulk our web server logs to detect brute force and SQL injection attacks, which we then block using firewalls.

Website Help, Support & Rescue

  • Having problems with your website ?
  • Not enough visitors or sales ?
  • Bad search engine ranking ?
  • Has google removed your site from its search results ?
  • Poor website quality or slow loading times ?
  • Difficulty updating your website ?
  • High visitor bounce rate ?
  • Is your ignorance being exploited ?

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Domain Name Rescue .com .co.uk .net

Dont ever give your domain name to anyone you dont trust.

Ultimately everything hinges on your domain name always make sure the domain name is registered in your name or your company name, you can check this using a whois lookup.

There are methods to retrieve domain names, if they are registered in your name, however, these proceeding are slow, painful and ultimately very costly.

Don't lose your domain name in the first place !

Rescue your site from a bad host or web designer

Web Designer Scenario:

You had a great web designer some time ago, and now you can't contact them or they refuse to take your calls:
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Bad or missing web host:

Your site is still online, but you can't get access to the files or FTP, control panel, or they are no longer in business:
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Website has vanished:

Your site is offline and you cannot see anything or only an error message:
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Independent Website Review

We produced several independent website critiques and reports for your current website identifying potential positive and negative areas for improvement. We also provide website cost and timescale comparison for  design, ecommerce development, SEO, hosting, security, legal conformity and PCI Compliance.

From basic usability to comprehensive technical website audits we are a full service Internet communications company.

Website Review Checklist


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