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Startup Business -Affordable website from: £950
Design, Build, SEO, Training, Support, Hosting & Emils.

Entry-level business website, design & build, aimed at new and start-up businesses.
We will get you started on the right path with a rock solid and secure website base to grow your business from.

This affordable professional website package includes:

A website that’s designed (Including logo) & developed to capture your companies ethos and credibility, to target current customers and new business.

We build your new site on a tried and tested open source Website CMS with no contracts or tie-ins, full IP & copyright ownership and a rock solid website base to build your business future on.

A fantastic web design and build offer on the CMS of your choice!

Unlimited number of pages, forms, products, categories, plug-ins & modules.
Complete version control, backups & detailed file management.

  • Business Class CMS,
  • Domain & Hosting,
  • Logo Design & Web Design,
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Professional E-mail,
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Software & SEO training.
  • First Years Support FREE!

Self Build Website Vs Professional Website Development

You could just go to one of the online self build websites to get started...

But how would you know if its performing as well as you expect ?

There are a few options to get your new business website online:

1) The first option is to design & build the website yourself, from scratch.

This can be done, but the results are often poor.
You can build the site yourself, but do you know enough about  current website standards ? Marketing & SEO ? Website security & data protection laws ? Backups and disaster recovery ? Google analytics & search trends ? Accelerated mobile pages AMP ? HTML5, CSS3 & Server side languages ?

We could go on here, however you get the picture, if you take this on yourself you will be very busy for the foreseeable future, learning about and implementing fast changing standards and marketing techniques, ultimately you will not have time to run your own business.


2) The next, more reasonable option is to use an online website builder.

There are now loads of these self build website platforms on the web nowadays, some even allow you to sell online for what seems to be a very low price and be up-and-running in under 30 min!

Checklist if you are thinking about using one of website builders.

  • Can you export your data, there will come a day when you want to move your site to a better platform.
  • Can you change your payment provider, most of these platforms add a charge to the checkout price of each order making profit from your hard work.
  • Can you extend your site - what if you need a new product, page, or booking module, can you change the design to allow this?
  • What happens when your website goes down, do you have a support contract in place ?


3) Finally there is the option of hiring a professional website development company.

Most businesses turn to professionals for their website. The main advantage of doing so is the flexibility and uniqueness that it gives you, it’s up to you how your website behaves and looks like. You do not have the limitations of a common design template, or closed website system that cannot be updated.

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Startup website help

Company website startup Grants

  • Local government funding
  • City Council Funding
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Development & Training Funding
  • Business Development Grants
  • City Development Grant Access

New Business
Design, Build & Training


Questions to ask your new web development company

Key startup website design questions

  • Is your web development or design agency company local ?
  • Who will be working on your project, and what are there qualifications ?
  • Does the website design & code IP belong to you ?
  • Do you have full access to your site, server & backups ?
  • Have you researched past customer reviews ?
  • What sort of results have they delivered for the customers ?
  • Do they retain their customers ?
  • What are the ongoing hosting, support & training costs ?
  • What will happen to your site if the company goes under ?
  • Do you trust them ?
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