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The great thing about Content Managed Systems (CMS websites) is that you can update your website pages any time, any place, and from any computer with a web browser anywhere in the world.

Making changes to your website is easy and instantaneous, allowing you to keep your website up-to-date as your business develops and boost your SEO ranking with fresh new web content, news pages and blogs.

Concrete5 & WordPress CMS websites are ideal for large & small companies and organizations with complex user groups and work flow permissions, there are no intimidating manuals, no complicated administration interfaces – just point and click !

Concrete 5 - Website Design, Development, Support & Upgrades

Our Favorite Web Design & Development Platform

Concrete 5 CMS is hands down the best CMS for a website development company out there just now. Not only is it the easiest to use for customers and clients alike, its also very easy for developers to work with using the ever popular framework, its a constantly evolving platform with tones of support and plugins.


Concrete CMS
Stands out as our leading content management system.

Concrete CMS offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies website management and content creation. With its intuitive editing tools and drag-and-drop functionality, Concrete CMS allows users with limited technical knowledge to easily update and customize their websites. Additionally, Concrete CMS provides a highly flexible and extendable framework, enabling developers to create and integrate custom features and functionality. It offers a wide range of pre-built templates and themes, ensuring visually appealing designs. Concrete CMS also excels in terms of SEO capabilities, providing built-in optimization features and clean URL structures. Moreover, it boasts a strong community support system, regular updates, and comprehensive documentation, making it easier for users to seek assistance and stay up to date with the latest developments.


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Design, Develop, Market & Update

CMS allows easier development & maintenance of interactive dynamic websites without the need for technical knowledge or programming skills.

Concrete 5 is a state of the art Content Management and Website development suite suitable for both experts and novices alike.

Just point and click to make the changes to your web site !

Template Design & Development

While WordPress not a CMS but it does make a useful and easy to use blogging platform.

We regularly deploy update and manage WordPress installs for building a blog or magazine type site. We often find WordPress has been installed as a stop gap to enable people to update there sites, while expecting a full CMS there are often sold a reskinned version of WordPress with the logo updated.

WordPress is as a starter CMS website for a small business WordPress is great for busines growth.

Out of the top 100 sites on the Internet wordpress.com ranks highly.

wordpress logo

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CMS Development Made Easy

In Context Editing - WYSIWYG

CMS applications like WordPress allow the content to be edited and added via a convenient administration interface, live on your site through a browser at home, work or on holiday, anywhere you have a browser and internet connection, just like editing a word document without requiring technical knowledge of programming.

We make the management of images, text and forms on a website easy.


We have built up an extensive collection of standard modules and plug-ins to meet the needs of our previous clients, if these are not enough, or do not fulfill your requirements we can create one specifically tailored to your needs, we have a dedicated development team working on our core software products.


Web Design & Development

One of the Best CMS's for development around

Our second choice a worthwhile and functional CMS with lots of features and incredible support. In our opinion its a little harder to use that our first place CMS for end users.

Drupal is used all over the web and is a proven CMS platform for just about any application.


CMS Features Blocks & Modules

Standard Website CMS Features Include:

  • Allow easy entering/editing/deleting of all text and images via a password controlled live web based interface.
  • WYSWYG content editing, see overview of the simplicity of this feature on our chosen CMS
  • Ability to add unlimited new pages and top level sections
  • Ability to upload/download PDFs and other electronic documents
  • Creating news articles for clients and providing an archive system for both news articles and any published material
  • Ability to set admin log in details which allows internal company changes and option to set up extranet environment for customers
  • Automatic creation of user/SEO friendly page URLs
  • Ability to accept system upgrades which ripple through entire site to keep platform updated with latest technology developments.
  • Conforms to all web accessibility and WC3 standards
  • Ability to edit pictures within photo library and resize to image position size in template.

Website Development CMS Overview

Highly extensible and the easiest CMS you've ever used!

It allows for full flexibility and customization in one simple step. It does not stifle creativity or growth and is an investment rather than a budget drainer.

It’s important for SEO purposes that your website is updated with fresh content, therefore we actively encourage interactivity and work with our CMS platform.

Third party integration comes as standard which allows the site to integrate Global Settings & overview of the website,with other interactive social platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter to name a few.

The CMS website has the ability to create unlimited pages, custom forms for future growth, full version control, meta data and permissions are used on all pages site-wide.


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