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Mobile SMS & TXT Message Marketing

We run and provide SMS and MMS marketing and communication tools to send and receive bulk SMS  & MMS messages.

Its easy to use and can handle all standard SMS & MMS functions in the same way you would manage an email campaign, The software is in production for customers and we use it for the following :

  • SMS Information & Appointment Alerts
  • ASCII SMS & Emoji
  • SMS Surveys
  • SMS Quiz Games
  • Feedback Requests
  • eCommerce Product Reviews
  • Incomplete Checkout Prompts & Discount offers
  • Basket & Checkout links.

Our software can schedule txt messages from a CSV import or linked to your Google calendar to send repeat SMS alerts and "Flash" messages.

Send a Text Message

Send free SMS

Up to 190 SMS msg / minute
Up to 75 MMS msg / minute

  • Message throttling & send rate limit
  • Custom Sender ID and number identification
  • Customized autoreply and reply forwarding
  • Private SMS short code number
  • Email to SMS service
  • Group send or Unique send
  • Simple REST API for website integration

Send Enquiry

Prices from 2p / Message

Send us you text requirements and we will set up a testing instance for free the same day.

Pricing structure for bulk SMS will be released by the summer and will be competitive for bulk users.

Bulk SMS Portal Screenshot

SMS & Text message interface

SMS Services - Send and receive SMS & MMS messages

  • Integrate with eCommerce to insentivise customers to finish the purchase.
  • Integrate with Google calendar to send event reminders.
  • Create Polls, Questionnaires, Quizzes and Customer experience reviews.
  • Auto reply, Email to SMS and Group messaging made easy.
  • Flash SMS, Unicode & Emoji messages too.


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