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WooCommerce Website with Custom Plugins

Our engagement with Sorbafreeze, a prominent UK packaging solutions manufacturer, involved conducting an audit of their existing WordPress website and offering support for forthcoming modifications to their e-commerce system. Sorbafreeze's website is built on WordPress and utilises WooCommerce as the primary platform for marketing their products, providing a streamlined and interactive shopping experience.


Leveraging our expertise in WooCommerce, we tailored the system to accommodate custom delivery methods and enabled the precise control over discount code rules. This customisation was aimed at enhancing the shopping experience and ensuring customers could easily access discounts relevant to their purchases.


Sorbafreeze's website is integrated with HubSpot's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This integration seamlessly links the website's forms with HubSpot, simplifying customer management and enabling the organisation to efficiently track customer interactions and data.

Our role in this project was to optimise the existing digital infrastructure, ensuring it aligns with Sorbafreeze's goals and enhances their e-commerce capabilities. The incorporation of custom delivery methods and discount code rules underscores our commitment to streamlining the customer experience, while the HubSpot CRM integration underscores our dedication to efficient customer relationship management. This project reflects our commitment to providing comprehensive support for businesses in their digital endeavours.


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