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Tyne Esk Leader is a funding and support program designed to promote rural and community development in the Tyne and Esk Valley region in Scotland.

The program aims to enhance economic, social, and environmental sustainability in the area by providing financial assistance and guidance to local businesses, community organizations, and individuals.

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What was Required

The LAG approached our Glasgow-based web design team with a clear objective: to modernise their existing website. Website redesigns, more often than not, come with the opportunity to update the technology of the site, so this will be completed as well. The goal was to create a more engaging, user-friendly, and visually appealing online presence that reflected their mission and values. Another advantage to website redesigns is that they allow the SEO of the site to be analysed and potentially improved, bringing with it better visibility and reach.

Things to Overcome

Redesigning an established website posed unique challenges. Firstly, we had to ensure that the modernization efforts aligned with the identity and ethos of LAG. Moreover, updating the Concrete CMS required careful planning to avoid any data loss and ensure a smooth transition. Integrating modern SEO strategies into the redesign can also pose risks if not done correctly, you can damage a sites search ranking that could potentially take months to recover from.

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Our Approach

We began by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the existing website to identify areas for improvement. Our design team then crafted a modern, sleek, and intuitive website layout that resonated with the LAG’s vision. We updated the Concrete CMS to the latest version, ensuring a seamless and secure user experience.

The development phase involved meticulous planning and execution, keeping SEO at the forefront of our strategy. We optimized the site's content, structure, and metadata with targeted keywords ensuring higher visibility and search rankings.

Throughout the project, we maintained an open line of communication with LAG, incorporating their feedback and ensuring that every aspect of the site met their expectations and needs.


The revamped website for Tyne & Esk Local Action Group has successfully transformed their online presence. The modern design, coupled with an updated Concrete CMS, has enhanced both user experience and administrative efficiency. Our focused SEO efforts have significantly improved their online visibility, with notable increases in search rankings for targeted keywords.

Website Development Key Features

Complete Design & development of the new website, logo and printed materials.

Concrete 5 CMS build with custom development for grant application scoring.

Live news feed and recent case studies for successful grant applications.

Flexible and responsive template layout built with Bootstrap.

Application reporting & scoring system with automated notifications.

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