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Superglass Holdings PLC
Website design CMS developments

Additional functionality was created for the website to allow for nearest UK wide stockist searches using Google maps and displaying the nearest location in miles with website links and contact details. Additional development and webdesign was required for the Investor Center allowing real time stock market statistics to be displayed on the website.

Project Design Details

  • Redesign & develop there current site.
  • Develop stockists & availability results
  • Integrate Google Maps API
  • Develop location based searches
  • Integrate with HemScott Charting API
  • Capture customer information
  • Implement Email marketing strategy

Customer Testimonial

Having worked with Crocodile Communication since the company was first established, we have always found them to be reliable, consistent and quick to respond to any request with positivity and enthusiasm.

--Marketing Director
--Superglass Holdings PLC

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