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Wix Website with Custom E-commerce Payment Form

The Indigo Group is a well-respected childcare organization in Glasgow, Scotland. They have been helping children and young people for more than 25 years and won two UK-wide awards at the 2023 Nursery World Awards. Indigo’s main focus is providing the best start in life for children and maintaining that quality into their teenage years.

What was Required

Indigo’s plans to expand their website's capabilities led them to contact us for web development help. They required the implementation of a payment form that would allow parents to pay for their services in a far more convenient manner. Their website was created on Wix, which is a cloud-based web-building platform that predominantly uses drag and drop tools. The most important requirements for this project were that the system be both easy to use for the customers and simple for Indigo to manage, while also maintaining a rock-solid level of security.

Things to Overcome

The integration of a third-party payment gateway into existing website infrastructure like Wix requires a detailed understanding of both systems.

As we were adding this into an already complete and active website we needed to make sure that the form stuck to branding guidelines and more importantly, was compatible with on page JavaScript.

The security of financial transactions is paramount, necessitating a focus on encryption and data protection to safeguard the customer's sensitive payment information.

Our Approach

As security was paramount in this project, we decided to choose  SagePay as the payment gate way provider, they are well known and trusted for their robust security measures and user-friendly interface. Our first step was planning the integration process, ensuring that the SagePay gateway would work seamlessly with the Wix platform. We developed a custom payment form tailored to The Indigo Group's specific needs, prioritizing a simple and intuitive user experience. Our developers focused on creating a secure bridge between the website and SagePay, implementing industry-standard encryption and security protocols to maintain data integrity and confidentiality.

We conducted thorough testing across multiple devices and browsers to ensure compatibility and reliability. Our process also involved collaborating closely with The Indigo Group to understand how they would normally preform manual payments, enabling us to create a payment solution that was not only secure but also aligned with their operational procedures.


The bespoke SagePay integration for The Indigo Group's website has transformed the way they handle online transactions. The custom payment form has been well received by their clients, offering a secure, efficient, and user-friendly payment experience. This enhancement to their Wix website has streamlined the administrative workload for Indigo, allowing them to focus more on providing top-notch child care services. The project was executed with precision, adhering to the highest security standards, and delivered within the projected time frame and budget. The Indigo Group now enjoys a robust online payment system that reinforces their commitment to client convenience and security.

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