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Mobile SMS Marketing

We have developed a free SMS and MMS marketing tool to send and receive bulk SMS  & MMS messages.

Its easy to use and can handle all standard SMS & MMS functions in the same way you would manage an email campaign, we can send basic SMS, ASCII SMS, Create SMS Surveys, SMS Quizzes, Request Feedback, eCommerce Product Reviews, Incomplete eCommerce Checkout Prompts and basket/product links.

We can also schedule txt messages from a CSV import or linked to your Google calendar to send repeat SMS alerts and "Flash" messages.

Send a Text Message

Send free SMS

Up to 190 SMS msg / minute
Up to 75 MMS msg / minute

  • Message throttling & send rate limit
  • Custom Sender ID and number identification
  • Customized autoreply and reply forwarding
  • Private SMS short code number
  • Email to SMS service
  • Group send or Unique send
  • Simple API for website integration

Send Enquiry

Yes its free !

This is open for beta testing until August 2019, send us you requirements and we will set up an instance for free the same day. Pricing structure for bulk SMS will be released by the summer and will be competitive.

Bulk SMS Portal Screenshot


SMS Services - Send and receive SMS & MMS messages

  • Integrate with eCommerce to insentivise customers to finish the purchase.
  • Integrate with Google calendar to send event reminders.
  • Create Polls, Questionnaires, Quizzes and Customer experience reviews.
  • Auto reply, Email to SMS and Group messaging made easy.
  • Flash SMS, Unicode & Emoji messages too.


  • Entertainment
  • Holiday
  • Charity
  • Transport
  • Brochure
  • Kiosk-Touch
  • Recruitment
  • Design
  • eCommerce

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