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Site Tracking and Web Statistics

Historic Web Site Tracking & Site Statistics
Who visits your website and what do they do there ?

Get detailed current and historic web stats on all your websites from top referrals to traffic path analysis.

We use a variety of solutions to track website visitors, obviously there are some limitations with what you can do now that there are some European rules and regulations.

Key Tracking Features

General Tracking Features:

  1. Unique Visitors: This metric tracks the number of distinct individuals who visit your website within a specified time frame, providing insights into your site's reach.

  2. Sessions: Sessions represent the overall number of visits to your website, including multiple page views by the same user in a single session.

  3. Page Views: Page views quantify the total number of pages that visitors view on your site, offering a snapshot of user engagement.

  4. Hourly and Weekday Distribution: This feature provides a breakdown of when your website receives the most traffic during different times of the day and days of the week.

  5. Robot Page Views: Monitoring robot or bot traffic helps in distinguishing between human visitors and automated web crawlers, which can be essential for SEO and security purposes.

  6. Average Page View/Visitor: Calculating the average page views per visitor helps understand how engaging your content is, as higher numbers indicate more interaction.

  7. Average User Visitor/Day: This metric reveals the average number of unique visitors your website receives each day.

  8. Average Page View/Day: It measures the average daily page views, indicating how frequently your content is accessed.

  9. Average User Visitor/Hour: This feature delves into hourly user traffic patterns, providing insights into peak visiting times.

  10. Average Page View/Hour: This metric focuses on hourly page view trends, helping optimize your content release schedule.

Referrers Tracking:

Grouped by domain with full URL's: This feature allows you to see not only which domains are referring traffic to your site but also the specific pages or URLs within those domains, helping you understand where your traffic is coming from.

Search Engine Keywords and More: You can track the keywords that led users to your site from search engines, providing valuable SEO insights and helping you tailor your content accordingly.

Countries Tracking:

Direct IP to Country Conversion: By accurately determining users' countries using IP addresses, you avoid the inaccuracies of inverse lookup methods, giving you precise information about your global audience.

Pages Tracking:

Separate Hit Stats for Each Page: This allows you to see how individual pages on your site are performing, helping you identify which content is most popular and engaging.

Robots Tracking:

Hits by a Certain Robot: You can monitor and analyze the activity of specific web robots, ensuring they are accessing the intended content and not causing any issues.

Browsers Tracking:

Full User-Agent Strings: This feature provides comprehensive information about the user agents, helping you understand the browsers used by your audience, which is essential for optimizing your website's compatibility.

By utilizing these tracking features, you gain a comprehensive view of your website's performance, user behavior, and sources of traffic, which can inform strategic decisions and improvements to enhance your online presence.

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