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Site Tracking and Web Statistics

Historic Web Site Tracking & Site Statistics
Who visits your website and what do they do there ?

Get detailed current and historic web stats on all your websites from top referrals to traffic path analysis.

We use a variety of solutions to track website visitors, obviously there are some limitations with what you can do now that there are some European rules and regulations.

Key Tracking Features

General: Unique Visitors, Sessions, Page Views, Hourly and Weekday Distribution, Robot Page Views, Average Page view/Visitor, Average User Visitor/Day, Average Page View/Day, Average User Visitor/Hour, Average Page View/Hour

Referrers: Grouped by domain with full URL'S, search engine keywords and more...
Countries: Determined using direct IP to country conversion instead of inaccurate inverse lookup method
Pages: Separate hit stats for each page
Robots: Hits of a certain page by a certain Robot
Browsers: Most known browsers with full user-agent strings

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