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Google is the largest search engine and as of January 2016 has > 80% market share in the UK with Microsoft Bing running well behind at 10%.

The smart SEO money targets Google.

Unfortunately it takes time to move up the search engine listings we can help and advise you on the most effective approach.

  • Google: 86%
  • Bing: 9%
  • Yahoo!: 3%
  • AOL: 0.2%
  • AskJeeves: 0.05%

SEO link building and blogging

Google is a links based search engine – this means the more quality links from other websites pointing to your website the better your site ranks, Google views these as qualifying your claims, products or services. 

Think of inbound links as SEO Gold Stars.

Not all websites are equal and it’s quality (not quantity) that matters. For example, a link to your website from the BBC may earn your site 100 “stars” whereas a link from a link farm website can give you negitive “stars”

There are of course numerous other factors that search engines use to rank pages such as quality of content, relevancy of web pages but nevertheless,  links are prime currency in any SEO campaign.

Obtaining good SEO links is very skilful and demanding work and the methods used to acquire links are wide ranging. We have listed some of these below;

   1. Article marketing
   2. Press release marketing
   3. Social media bookmarking
   4. Blog posting and commenting
   5. Video marketing
   6. Viral marketing

SEO Keyword Research

SEO research is the number one priority before any SEO work starts.

The most common SEO mistake companies make is guessing the keywords to target. Most often these keywords are the least profitable as there are too many competitors or are not in high demand. Check your competitors and the numbers of competing websites.

Think about it – if you were to ask 100 people to search for your products and services on Google, would you expect all of them to use the same key phrase ? The reality is that only 10-20% would use the same key words.

The object of SEO research is to identify the Keywords and Key Phrases that promote your business, This is what will will produce Return On Investment.

Keyword research is our only initial one-off cost, it involves us researching your markets, measuring the competition and similar pages for these keywords, a great place to start.

SEO Keywords

Implementing the keywords on your site can only happen after identifying the keywords to target.

This means placing a specific density of these keywords or phrases in page titles, body content, links to other pages, meta tags and other descriptions When you have to add 2 keywords to a page it is easy, adding 10 or more keywords while making the text readable is a far more time consuming task, SEO IS TIME CONSUMING! 

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