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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - SEO Audit

 Search Engine Optimisation SEO audits are written in plain English, avoiding jargon where possible and include a summarised action plan to be carried out by you or Crocodile Communication in a development capacity.

Search Engine Optimisation is not a dark art or is it as confusing as it appears. It is about understanding what the search engines are looking for from your site and then implamenting the changes it. It is a beauty parade of sorts.

Whats the point of a "Search Engine Optimisation SEO Audit"

Our SEO Audit will provide you with the information and strategy you need to keep you web site listing and Google Ranking on the first page.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of your search engine optimization project, it is vital that your get an SEO Audit by an SEO professional.

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SEO Topics covered in Research Audit

  • Header responses and site speed.
  • Geographic location of web server.
  • Canonical issues and URL keywords.
  • Re-directions and error pages.
  • Domain age, page ranking & Directory Submission.
  • Readability of the site for robots and humans.
  • Dynamic content and database-driven content.
  • HTML validity, CSS and JavaScript loading speed.
  • Inline Descriptions & Keywords.
  • Keyword research and Competitor ranking.
  • Meta data and Keyword density.
  • Internal links and navigation structure.
  • Sitemaps, HTML and  XML
  • Inbound links and Link strategy
  • Working with anchor text for links and images
  • ARIA & HTML Labels
  • Schema data & markup validity

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