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Proximity Marketing

Basically you have a host that is continuously inquiring for new targets using multiple communication methods, when a target has been located content is served to the target.

When we find a target the host sends an image,  game,  ringtone,  brochure, etc. even URL to reference web pages.

Bluetooth Marketing .. so useful ?

Regular Bluetooth devices are limited in range to 10m which means that as targets walk through a designated area, the Bluetooth host will locate a moving “target” but there will be limited time to send relevant marketing information to that target before the target disappears.

Here is a list of high level features we can implement:

  • Linux based, very robust and no licensing fees for the OS
  • No software license fees
  • Multiple Bluetooth radios for more simultaneous target connections
  • Send over 25,000 messages per hour, 15 radios * 7 connections / 15 seconds/connection)
  • Independent scanning from uploading channels.
  • Multi threaded: Allows to upload to more than one device at the same time
  • Web based campaign management


  • Time Filters: allows you to choose when to start and when to end campaigns.
  • Lottery function: Allows to send a file to X amount of people based on a "probability" chance.
  • Name and Address filters: Allows to send campaigns to those who you really want.

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