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Website & App Data Protection & Security

We will try to make sure all our site are as secure as possible, we will even allow you to submit our code for external verification by security experts.

All data and information follows UK data protection legislation: http://www.ico.gov.uk

As recent examples show nothing is secure on the web from SONY to VeriSign, Ebay and YAHOO! it seems that nothing is safe. We will endeavour to follow best practice to ensure the security of your data. 

If you give a locksmith enough time and the correct tools, they will eventually get into any safe !


PCI compliance & Data Security Standard

Online payments have become a staple of modern commerce, necessitating stringent security measures to protect sensitive financial information. PCI compliance plays a critical role in this landscape. It refers to the standards set by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which any organization that handles credit card transactions must adhere to. These standards ensure that credit card information is processed, stored, and transmitted securely, thereby reducing the risk of data breaches and fraud. Compliance not only safeguards consumer data but also helps businesses build trust with their customers, making it an essential practice

Website Security & Data Protection

Are you concerned about safeguarding your most valuable asset—your data? Our cutting-edge data protection and security solutions offer robust, state-of-the-art defences against evolving cyber threats. With our comprehensive approach, your information remains secure, preserving your business's integrity and ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations.

Our tailored security measures encompass encryption, threat monitoring, and proactive risk assessments, providing a shield against potential breaches. We prioritize your peace of mind by offering airtight protection for your data, whether at rest or in transit.

Website Privacy & Tracking Laws

All user data is securely captured for use by only you from contact forms and downloaded files, this data is stored securely and sent to both the user and your administrator accounts.

All data and information follows UK data protection legislation: http://www.ico.gov.uk

Recent UK data protection laws don't allow users to store cookies unless they give explicit consent.

Website security & Viruses / Malware

We regularly scan all our sites for malware based on standard signatures and our own custom signatures.

Our datacenter backup sites every three days and keep around 3-4 weeks worth of backups to allow us to restore sites in case of infection.

We store off site snapshots for the life of your hosting contract with us. We also analyse in bulk our webserver logs to detect brute force and SQL injection attacks which we then block using our firewalls.


Copyright & Ownership.

You shall retain all copyright and other intellectual property rights for the work and will own the copyright and other intellectual property rights to all the source & design files used in the creation and development of your project. We provide a copy of the entire site, all source and creation files for the site on completion allowing you full control of your site history and data.

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