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Crocodile Web Design offers the very best creative design and technical services including, website design and development, developers and programmers, hosting and domain registration, logo design and the best web brand development.

What to expect from the best web designers in Glasgow

All code, published and source files, content and passwords, to be made available to you on completion of any website or web development project, this prevents any future problems arising and an end to vendor lock-in, just one of the many reasons we are the best web developers in Glasgow.

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CMS Website Development Platform

We use Concrete CMS for most website and web app development, we also build on WordPress, HubSpot, Wix & Drupal

Concrete 5 Developers

We build almost all sites on Concrete 5 CMS and have been using it to build websites almost exclusively for over 10 years. It's the easiest to develop on and for our customers to use.



We love WordPress - the maintenance and security of the software is historically very poor. We design, develop and manage WordPress instalations and advise on best practice for security.


HubSpot offers a full platform of marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software. We develop and design for several web sites on this platform and have worked with their App development team.

Shopify & WIX

Yes we have some website customer that use these website platforms, there are pro's and con's with all of them.

Eventually the Total Cost of Ownership becomes far more expensive.


Shopify costs almost £1000 each year for a middle of the road service. Costs are almost 2% for each transaction top of your payment gateway costs. Customisation and increased functionality comes from external files at the expence of speed


WIX Website Builder is worth a mention here as the platform is so bad it is almost unusable !
We have rescued a few sites from WIX unfortunatly the platform is very good at locking customers in, so you are unable to get a copy of your site content and files.


eCommerce Development Experience

We have been developing eCommerce software for over 20 years so we know what works and more importantly how to make it work. We specialize in OpenCart eCommerce development and also use Magento, Shopify and Drupal Commerce.

eCommerce Development

What makes us the best web design company in Glasgow ?

We are all fully qualified with honors and have extensive industry experience in almost every sectors from manufacturing & retail to international charity organizations.

We specialize in making web sites easy to use for customers and administrators and take a critical and objective view on what makes sites work.

In a results driven industry we are only as good as out last client, thats what makes us strive to be the best web designers in Glasgow.

Web Design and Development
Our Experience

We developed out first Atari game 1985, built our first website in 1995, started developing web sites and software solutions for global firms in 2005 started Crocodile web design in 2008 since then we have focused on quality rather than quantity.

We specialize in web design technologies, after a 15 years using Microsoft technologies and systems we decided that open collaboration is the best way to make things better for our customers, which is why we have developed the best core web software products on proven web technologies and brands.

SEO  & Marketing Experience

Crocodile Communication has the ability to drive traffic to your site, but what happens once your site is found?

An effective on line presence is essentially what drives inquiries and sales, our web design and development team can translate your brand from the off line space to the on line space, optimize the user experience within your transactional system to help increase conversions or sales and make your marketing programs more effective or re-design your existing web presence to freshen your web presence.

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